Benefits of deploying Human Resource Management System Software to Small Businesses of India – Part 1

HRMS Software are the modern need of fast and growing businesses who are looking for scaling up quickly. Scaling up of your businesses depends on the growth of your employees.

In the age of “Automation” everything should be quick and smooth. The days of handling papers, pens, reports has been gone! Now a days things are getting quick. Businesses have to take care or you can say save their talented workers from competitors by giving them a good atmosphere and payrolls with some amusement activities. Managing a few dozen people working for you can become an administrative nightmare keeping track of basic employee information if you solely rely on paper-based system.

Why You Should Go For HR Software for Small Business ?

  • To Increase Efficiency of Administration
  • It is a Cost effective
  • Fastest access to every detailed information of employees
  • Gives you power for performance analysis and makes decision making more accurate
  • Communication between employee and employer becomes smooth.
  • Secured data and information’s and with Disaster Recovery system.

Yes! This are the answers to your questions… and here is the way you execute it via HRMS Software…

Workforce Service

  • Employee Self-Service Software
    • One of the most powerful tool of HRMS System is ESS Software. A module that gives employees a greater level of control over their tasks and work profile. It allows workers to manage their own schedules and activities to optimize their own performance. Read more..
  • Grievance Handling
    • Employees are core reason for the success of business. Grievance handling is a system via which every employee can raise their issues and can track responses and action on the same link. This system is helpful in big companies which have more than 100 employees under 4-5 managers, people can raise their disputes any of the authorized manager can answers their queries. In the end the Employee should stay happy.
  • Employee Document Sharing
    • A system which makes internal document sharing secure and easy. You can share performance reports, certificates, projects reports and etc via this centralized system
  • Claims Reimbursement Software
    • Claims Reimbursement Software feature in the new HRMS systems is here to save the day. This module introduces an innovative solution to the problems most employees and employers have when it comes to processing these claims. For one, the delays in the process when done by humans means that the reimbursement of funds won’t go through for at least a month. This can lead to some pretty unhappy employees, and no one wants that to happen.

Workforce Admin

  • Time & Attendance Management
    • The benefit of time and attendance management software to the HR department is that it allows them an easy to use, accurate platform from which to properly collect information about employee hours and off days. This in turn allows for the proper logging of things like employee payroll. The advantage of software over human logging is that it eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Leave Management Software
    • At the end of the month administrators invest at least 2-3 days for reviewing leaves application and bifurcations of salary etc. This feature of HRMS Software gives you all those details in matter of seconds. Yes! In seconds you are able to track the leaves and payroll of employee including and excluding of PL, CL, ML etc.
  • Corporate Travel Management
    • Corporate Travel Business are valued 3 trillion in world!! Business are spending blindly in business tours for meetings and seminars. So, corporate travel Management tool gives a power to your employee to schedule their trips via your portal and within your policy they don’t need to go to HR and ask and know for the policy and also submit their bills and expenses. All this things can be managed via single window without moving from your chair. Administrative and approve or disapprove all at one single clicks.

Above are the features of Human Resource Management System Software which are beneficial to Businesses. We are ending here part one of this post here will share more benefits of deploying HR Software for Small Business in our next part. If this post solves your problem you can get back to us via clicking here.