Benefits of Attendance Management System

An organization’s work force is more often than not, it’s largest expense impacting production and profitability. In accurate time keeping could be one of the greatest pitfalls for any organization. Employees represent an organization’s biggest asset and maintaining accurate attendance makes a lot of difference in the way businesses operate and greatly improves productivity and efficiency too.

Immediate time-saving and cost savings of attendance management software are easy to highlight. However, there are a number of other benefits of using an automated time management system in an organization.

Here are some of the benefits of using an automated system for attendance management

Reliable accuracy

Traditionally, employees reported their hours of work manually. Such manual processes introduce a lot of additional issues. Sometimes, the writing is illegible, at other times the employee forgets to log his time and yet some other time, the employee may deliberately abuse the system and log extended periods of time. Electronic attendance systems are known for their accuracy and reliability. The data is collected and logged in real-time and hence there are fewer chances of meddling with the system. These systems are reliable too. Many electronic software also allow to punch in late and early punches and the manager is automatically notified of the same. With this kind of information logging, an organization can have accurate insights into the true labor costs.

Increased productivity

With manual time keeping and attendance, it’s very cumbersome to calculate the net pay for each employee. Manual process is tedious and prone to errors. This time can be drastically reduced and efforts can be automated with an electronic attendance management system. The saved time can be allocated elsewhere and the overall productivity of the organization is significantly improved.

Bottom line savings

Implementation of an automated attendance management system can have both direct and indirect benefits. This simple investment could prove to be a valuable addition to your organization and the returns on investment are significant. Well, these cost savings are ongoing too. There are fewer human errors and lots of time that is saved, which indirectly imply – cost savings.

Improved regulatory compliance

The data that you collect via an attendance management system provides you with enough information that is required for regulatory compliance. Proof of attendance is accurate and flawless. You can quickly pull reports and any information about any employee. At a glance, you know the number of hours worked, the number of leaves availed and the net payment.

Integration amplifies all benefits

The integration of attendance management system with other HR software ensures that your organization has a complete package to manage the work force. It greatly improves the operational efficiency of the organization. The significant improvement in data accuracy ensures that there are fewer errors and flaws and hence ensures cost savings in the long term. Easily and securely sharing of data between two different softwares is possible and this ensures that there is consistency of data across the organization.

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