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Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service Software – as an integral part of HRIS has changed the way employees interact with HR activities. From entering time to enrolling for HR benefits or applying for leave, having employees perform these basic tasks allow HR team to focus more on strategic work.

Payroll Management Software

Payroll process in any company is no easy feat.  A mundane task has many layers of calculations attached to it. For some business owners, payroll duties can be a huge burden and stressful at times.

Performance Management System

Performance management is a broader and a complex HR function, as it incorporates events like goal setting, frequent communication, continuous progress review and tutoring for better performance, feedback and execution of employee growth programmers and rewarding accomplishments.

Recruitment Management System

Finding the right candidate for your organization is not an easy job. Any organization has different departments like marketing, HR, Finance, R&D, IT etc and different skill sets of employees are required in these departments. If the candidate fails to meet the necessary requirement of the organization then the Company may go through major loss.