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Once having taken the decision to purchase a new human resource management solution, a number of other queries come into the minds of the buyer, first amongst these questions is weather to go for an on-cloud or an on-premise solution. Both the cloud and the on–Premise HRMS models come with its own pros and cons depending on the organization. Beehive helps accommodate both requirements by providing multiple deployment options.

Beehive’s cloud HRMS was hosted to reduce the initial expenses and increase the accessibility of organizations with smaller employee strength, reducing capital expenditure. Cloud HRMS is exactly similar to the solution provided on premise, the accessibility and the working is exactly the same. The only difference being the hardware utilized. The cloud system is preferred by small and medium sized firms as the Saas based payment model is applicable, dividing the expenses over months instead of a onetime payment. An on-cloud solution has many advantages, some of the main benefits include speed, cost, customizable, , if businesses are looking at automating their HR processes, Cloud HRMS can provide multiple options that can be easily be implemented with less effort than on an on-premise solutions.

On-premise HRMS deployment carries some reassurance. If the hardware is ‘in the basement’ then access risks such as unauthorized modification of systems or data are mitigated. When you use an On-premise HRMS deployment system on your company premises, you will hire a team of IT personnel who are dedicated to maintaining this system in top running condition. You won’t need to wait around for the system to be fixed when it crashes. Making it hassle free and convenient, making it glitch proof. Your corporate infrastructure probably already has a number of hardware components like servers and data centers. The installation of an On-premise HRMS onto existing hardware means that your costs are minimized and you will be able to make full use of the money you spent on purchasing these components.

With Beehive on cloud or on Premise solution both are available for deployment. Our HRMS solutions are designed for on Cloud and for On-Premise deployment and are 100% pure internet applications. If ever a client opting for an on-cloud solution decides to want to take the software and database in-house this can be done by switching to an On-Premise model, which is unique in the world of HRIS software providers.

Choosing the right deployment model requires considering many aspects, including integrations, upgrade cycles, size of the organization, etc. Choose the deployment option that best fits your organization, Beehive HRMS brings you the best cloud/on-premise HRMS experience to your hand. Discover a fully integrated HRMS Software for complete HR Management that enable the New-Age HR, which covers the entire Hire-to-Retire processes for small and medium to enterprise level organizations. Beehive HRMS offers a cutting edge and innovative HRMS solution for challenges faced by the modern, digital workforce.