Automate the Performance Management System with Beehive Software

Performance management system’s aids in motivating the employees: Automation of the performance management system ensures that continuity of feedback and tracking is maintained. Planning, monitoring, reviewing aims and a performance management program is essential to promoting and improving employee effectiveness. It involves a continuous process in which managers and staff work together to plan, monitor and review goals and individual contributions to the agency. Regularity in feedbacks will help the seniors to retain the talent in the organization. Performance feedback helps provide recognition and rewards to the deserving employees, which also helps boost employee motivation and enhance their self- esteem.

Our performance appraisal suite helps the companies evaluate who of their employees are achieving the said targets and outperforming the expectations. Such employees should be rewarded by means of promotions or incentives etc. The employees that are underperforming can also be traced and such liabilities should be either put under training or under observation so that none of the company’s resources is put to waste. Performance appraisal application is hence essential for every organization in contemporary times, so that they grow at the same speed as the growth of the economy.
Performance management software shall aid both the managers and the employees alike. The features of this solution have been developed having an employee-centric view. Hence it has a user-friendly interface that shall not just be effectively used by the employees but also will serve the purpose of use for the supervisors. The software makes it easy to communicate the goals of an employee amongst all the concerned stakeholders’ only with single entry, making everybody accountable to support those goals as a part of the company’s strategic plan. The system can also be used to include menial tasks and short term milestones, which are stepping stones to achieving long-term milestones with a metric as to how will success be measured against the goals achieved.

Beehive’s performance appraisal application will help you simplify and streamline your company’s processes and functionalities. Our solution offers such a performance evaluation solution that is comprehensive yet simple to use. Below are some of the many features available in with Beehive:

Employee’s performance appraisal cycle can be defined
The ratings to be provided to the employees can be defined
Appraisal templates can be defined as per Grade/Location/Department.
We provide the capability to define thrust and focus in the organisation
Workflow can be defined; reviewer of the workflow.
Goal Repository as per the company goals and the employee’s responsibilities.
Employees can set their own goals and objectives which will be further reviewed by the manager
Weightage has to associate with every gold
Review and approval by manager/as per workflow defined.
Ability to do mid-year and annual review with a rating.

We majorly assist in boosting your organization’s performance appraisal that aligns employee goals with organizational goals and also motivates them. Beehive helps boost your organizational performance with performance management technology that aligns employee performance and goals with organizational goals and strategy. Ongoing feedback and training help inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst the employee’s, in turn, helping improve employee performance and engagement.