Attendance Management System: An effective way to kill absenteeism

Does  every organization has a system in place to keep track of employee’s regularity? The real concern is how effective is your system? Do you think to maintain a register or installing a biometric system enough to keep a track of employees? Do you know the pattern of the absent employees? Does your system help you in dealing with them?

One of the most neglected aspects of HRMS, attendance management system could help by engaging and retain employees by understanding the reason and pattern behind their absence.

Irregularity is the biggest concern of any organization which needs to be addressed. Most often, HR teams fail to understand that the cost incurred due to absenteeism is higher that the direct income and benefits reserved for them.  These costs include opportunity cost, staffing, training, scheduling, and affected productivity.

In the absence of an employee, the organization is affected in several ways. Some of these are:

a) Overall Organization Productivity
The absence of any employee can affect the productivity, schedule and deliverables hence affecting the overall productivity. In the worst scenario, an organization can even loose a project due to delay and lack of resources.

b) Financial Impact:
Poor productivity has major financial impacts. Delayed projects causing late payments which can be a big issue or a small or mid sized company causing them to fall short of the funds. This could further demotivate the team.

c) Administrative Issues:
Low productivity and poor financial impacts have direct consequences on the employee engagement raising administrative issues.

An Attendance Management System can help HR teams to reduce absenteeism. It can assist you to gain control over numerous processes that help in reducing the problem. A right system should have following features:

1)    Attendance regularization

2)    Time zone management

3)    Sync attendance records

4)    Leave management

5)    Comprehensive details of the leaves

6)    Updating leave policy

7)    Encashment process

8)    Shift assignment and management

9)    Precise attendance management

10)    Attendance configuration

11)    Integration with payroll and biometric systems

An attendance management system allows HR team to work more efficiently on core activities. They can now focus on business development strategies and identify the new practices that can enhance the overall organizational effectiveness. It helps HR to take strict actions towards regular absentees, reducing the absenteeism rate drastically.

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