Asset tracker

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Every organisation has a major part of its investment in infrastructure and assets procured for the functioning of the organisation. Asset management or call it asset tracker is the method used to keep a track of all of your physical assets using their barcode labels, GPS or RFID tags, in order to know the know-how of your investment. Asset management is just as vital an activity as inventory management. Asset tracking is just as important as managing your inventory management, as any sort of negligence can cause large losses. Asset tracking involves knowing the status, assignee details, location, maintenance schedule etc. Tracking your assets also involves maintenance and regular check-ups on the assets. All of these activities can also be handled through spreadsheets but only up to a certain extent. Automating your systems will help make your processes more streamlined and without any hurdles. Asset tracking is critical to your institution’s bottom line compliance, as all of the employees should be responsible for their devices and credible to replace misplaced physical assets, also be able to track the assets that have come to the end of their lifecycle.

Beehive’s asset tracker application is specially designed to ease your asset tracking responsibilities by providing features to record and track all of your organization’s assets throughout its life cycle right from procurement to junking of the asset. It helps access information like where is the asset located, who is currently handling it, how many times have the servicing of the device taken care of, How is the device being utilized and many more fields of data about the asset. Our solution facilitates both hardware and software provided to the employees can be tracked effortlessly and efficiently.

Employees hired under trainee or probationary status can be updated in the system. Once the data has been updated in the system , an automated confirmation driven process allows the various stakeholders- the employee, his manager, HR Manager to register their feedbacks which can have three possible outcomes –

  • Tracking vendor performance
  • Grow your supplier portfolio
  • Streamlining processes
  • Optimizing data management
  • Regular check-ups

Benefits of engaging with Beehive’s application tracker application include:

  • Increase the utilization and life of the assets
  • Inculcate informed decision making
  • Increase cost transparency
  • Software license compliance shall be maintained
  • Efficiently manage both services and assets
  • Metrics, Analytics providing every detail of the vendor
  • Greater returns on investment with optimized allocation of resources.

Increase your capabilities and take your organisation to the next level with Beehive’s worldclass asset management application. It is simple to use than spreadsheets, absolutely automated and since it is on the cloud no more managing tons of paper. Being one of the most employee centric software, Beehive not just looks to keep the employer but the employee happy too. With the pick and choose application availability, you do not have to purchase the entire suite, instead you can only select the applications that help your organisation function better.

Beehive provides library-like accountability. All you have to do is create a simple check-in and check out kind of process where the employee can keep updating the status of the assets associated with the person, location, particular project etc.
Beehive helps you improve your systems and optimize your processes by making your data accessibility simpler. Through system generated reports you can have a better insight about your operations and processes.