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Use of AI Algorithms

AI algorithms are imperfect, relatively new, and not ready to take over HR processes. AI can’t say with absolute certainty, for example, that a person is going to lie based on certain communication patterns. Not only is it inaccurate, but it’s dangerous, and people will get upset. People are already nervous about how their employers might be using their data, so companies should be transparent about how AI will be used and emphasize personal benefits.

Choosing Right Data

Choosing the right data is essential to making AI solve real problems. For example, a company that feeds all of its historical data on high performers into an algorithm could perpetuate bias in recruitment if most of those performers were male. Looking at the data in a thoughtful way and crafting your choice of data and your presentation is important. Success in using this technology would be to first establish a baseline to measure improvement.

Continuous feedback
Continuous feedback mechanism allows managers and employees to get the timely updates on the goal completion the review frequency can be set on ad-hoc basis.

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