Adopting Newer Performance Management Trends with Beehive

Performance Management world has seen numerous and drastic changes in past few years. Organizations now focus on company goals more than employee metrics. The older methods have become obsolete and are ineffective in these changing times. Lot many companies have implemented the trends, but we see more and more companies accepting it in coming year. With the following trends, the world of Performance Management is surely going to change for the better.

Performance Reviews

Companies are soon going to abandon the traditional annual performance review. More frequent and informal reviews will take its place. Managers will aim at initiating feedback conversations. These reviews will motivate employees to take the feedback constructively and focus on their core performance delivery


HR will play an important role and enable the organization in holding regular constructive feedback conversations.  This would help managers to align these feedback and review discussions as per their work schedule. It would help them make the feedback more specific and relevant.

Greater Control to Employees

Reviews and feedbacks have to be the two-way process and essentially being led by employees. This lets employees enjoy greater control.  Employees can manage the review process and have timely discussions with their managers focusing on what is important. Regular discussions will help them to access the important information timely and prioritize their tasks. This would also lead them to opportunities and they can seek guidance for their future plans.

Performance Enablement Apps

Performance Management can be further enabled by adopting online and mobile based applications to share reviews and feedbacks. This would drive greater transparency related to goals and can capture useful information when and where required.

Achievement & Learning Focused

The focus of performance management has to be on the achievements and learning. Regular feedback and review sessions help managers to focus on the road ahead, performance development, and supportive framework.

A Shared Vision      

With frequent feedback and review sessions focusing on employee growth and goals, organizations become more open with employees. This trust becomes the part of company culture. Now outcomes will be viewed as a shared vision for which every member of the teams strives for.

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