Add value to your business with Leave Management System

Businesses are made up of teams; Teams are made up of people. Dealing with each person is different.  With various personalities involved, leave management system is certainly a significant and critical process in an organization.

A non-approved leave can lead to bitter employee-employer relationships. An important HR task which takes less managerial time, it is delicate and needs to be balanced appropriately. A balance between employee satisfaction and compliance with leave policy & business goals need to be maintained while approving leaves.  Impacting project deliveries and employee morale, a poor leave management system can lead to a bad impact on the business performances.  These implications can be:

1)    Project Deadlines

Project delivery is greatly affected by the manpower availability. Managers need to keep in mind, sufficient resource availability before committing a timeline. Considering peak leave period, leave approval should be prudent when nearing the deadline.

2)    Legalities

THE FACTORIES ACT CHAPTER VIII, Annual Leave with Wages, lays clear guidelines for leaves in India. If any non-compliance with the rules, the risk of being sued by the employees and penalized by government authorities increases.

3)    Employee Satisfaction Factor

Leaves are a major source of employee  satisfaction. A mismanaged leave management system can cause them stress as there are several occasions where absence from the work is required.

4)    Performance v/s Leave

Work-Life Balance greatly affects employee’s overall performance. Not taking many leaves and taking too many leaves, have a negative impact on the performance. Employees need to be coached and mentored well to maintain a right balance in the life.

A leave management system may have numerous features for different stakeholders in a company. Some of these features include:

Leave Management System helps employees to:

1)  Access accurate information regarding scheduled leaves, vacations, and the balance leaves can be checked before online application of the same.

2) Easy access to leave policies, rules, and compliance matters of the organization, regarding leaves to be taken which must be kept in mind before taking offs, especially long vacations.

3) Obtain leave approvals quickly and without involving senior management which can be time-consuming.

4) Transparency in leave history can help in planning leaves easily.

Leave Management System also helps employers and HR teams immensely. Some of the noted advantages are:

1)    Quick and easy access to employee leave history

2)     Can easily forward accumulated leave to the concerned employee

3)     Calculate balance leaves

4)     Overview Leave History

5)    Timely distribution of peak leave periods to balance project efficiencies

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