A Definitive Guide to Restricted Holidays

You may end up with a very long list if you ask each employee to pick the holidays they would like. A limited holiday schedule allows all parties to remain happy without shutting down the business for too long.

What is a restricted holiday?

Restricted holidays are optional public holidays that employees can take advantage of if the occasion occurs. Restricted policies only apply to specific groups of employees. In contrast, a public holiday is when work stops for the entire organization.

It is beneficial for the company to operate within a limited holiday to serve its customers, albeit with fewer people. An employee is allowed to take two or three restricted holidays in a year on which they can request a paid leave of absence. Holidays marked as optional must be listed on this list and are valid only for those days.

We can offer our employees a wide variety of holidays and cater to their needs with the assistance of restricted holidays.

Restricted holiday as an optional public holiday

How do you create restricted holidays?

The creation of restricted holidays is not accessible because the process varies based on the organization, policies, and procedures. Nevertheless, some tips on making restricted holidays include consulting with all affected departments and stakeholders, taking the organization’s needs as a whole into consideration, and maintaining a fairly-organized process.

It is essential to consult with all stakeholders and departments affected by restricted holidays. Thus, all employees will have a voice in the process, and the restricted holiday list will represent the organization as a whole. The formation of restricted holidays needs to consider the organization’s overall needs. The company may add a specific holiday to the restricted holiday list if it is an important holiday for the company.

Furthermore, the process of making restricted holidays should be fair and consistent. The process will be transparent, and all employees will be treated equally.

What are some of the restricted holidays’ rules?

Employers must treat restricted holidays by following many rules. Regardless of whether an employee works or not, their regular wage for the day must be paid by their employer. Additionally, workers must be given three months of paid time off after the restricted holiday. A restricted holiday cannot be forced on an employee by their employer.

What factors should you consider when creating restricted holidays?

Employers need to consider both their employees’ and business’ needs when designing restricted holidays. Among the factors to consider are: <H3>

The necessary procedure remains the same for multi-location companies. Nonetheless, it is imperative to maximize the company’s legal holidays across locations after considering its specific business situation at each location. You should notify your employees well in advance of any midyear changes in the list of holidays, whether they are internal or external.

What are some of the advantages of restricted holidays?

Holidays that do typically not work are restricted holidays. These days are available for employees to spend time with their families, take vacations, or participate in other activities. Taking restricted holidays has several advantages. 

Employees can first spend time with their loved ones. Seeing their loved ones more often can help them reconnect with them. Secondly, a restricted holiday helps employees take time off they need. They can use this time to rest and reenergize. Additionally, restricted holidays can allow employees to perform other tasks. This may enable them to pursue new hobbies.

What are some of the restricted holidays’ rules?

The following are restricted holidays in 2022, so let’s look at the list before deciding on holiday policies. 

January 2022 restricted holidays’

Event/OccasionDateHoliday Type
New Year1 Jan 2022Restricted
Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Lohri9 Jan 2022Restricted
Lohri13 Jan 2022Restricted
Pongal14 Jan 2022Restricted
Makar Sakranti14 Jan 2022Restricted
Republic Day26 Jan 2022Restricted

Bottom line

So these are some of the restricted holidays in India that employees across the country get to take advantage of. The purpose of festivals is to be celebrated together, and imagine how inconvenient it is not to be able to attend these events. Every organisation should put these days into their holiday calendars so employees will be happy to receive time off during these restricted holidays. 

Look for the best company that offers softwares that can help in creating a perfect calender for restricted holidays. This employee management software will be very effective in maintaining holidays and other leaves of the employees. If you are serious about adding a software to your organization then Beehive Software is one stop solution for all your needs. 


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