9 Tips An Applicant Tracking System Can Help You Attract The Right Talent

Talent accession is one of the most tedious tasks a company performs. The Human Resources team is bestowed with the responsibility to hire the most competent candidates by implementing innovative strategies. The entire hiring process has been modified to a great extent in the past decades.

Earlier when the only source of hiring the talented skill set was performed manually with help of paper resumes, the process took enormous time and effort. As a result, there was a need to modify the entire process to ease the task and this is where the role of Applicant Tracking System Software comes into action.

Application Tracking Systems are into practice for quite some time, although its intricacies are still unknown to many. Continue reading if you wish to learn more about the Online Applicant Tracking System.

What Is An Applicant Tracking System? (ATS) 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to aid Human Resources to ease the task of sorting applications and resumes of the job applicants. It is a Human Resource software that performs the function of storing and sorting the application database of the job applications. It is beneficial for companies of all sizes and helps in organizing, searching, and communicating with a wide range of applicants flexibly.

The motive of the best Applicant Tracking System is to take away all the tedious tasks of the recruiters and make their life much easier. It makes the entire complex job of sorting the applications seamless for the recruiters and managers. If a company is looking forward to hiring multiple positions in a single go, ATS can aid in multiple benefits. If the company receives hundreds of applications, reviewing each of them is a tedious and time-consuming task. Applicant Tracking System Software can help automate the resume sorting process and helps you narrow down the search to a couple of applications.

ATS makes the entire search for job applicants much simpler and time-saving, as the complete process is automated. Besides, it helps simplify the process without any chances of human errors.

How do Applicant Tracking Systems Work? 

There is a wide range of Online Applicant Tracking systems used by different companies. Although, these different systems follow the same basic process.

When the applicant will apply through Applicant Tracking System, he will face a few questions that he needs to answer satisfactorily. These questions are referred to as “Knockout Questions”. These questions can be in the format of Multiple choices with checkboxes or short-answer-type questions. The motive of these questions is to narrow down the number of applicants.

If the applicant failed to answer the questions satisfactorily, the resume will be flagged or get auto-rejected by the ATS. Answering all the questions correctly will pass the applicant to the next stage. All the ATS systems sort and store the resume information in different ways to sort and filter the candidates by keyword search. ATS allows the recruiters to search the stored resumes through different steps mentioned in the following subheads.

Viewing Applications 

The recruiters are most likely to have a glance at all the resumes sorted by the Online Applicant Tracking System. And hence the applicants must be careful to highlight their top skillset to get noticed. All the applicants must ensure to fill in all the correct and precise information to get sorted.

Automatic Rankings 

A few Applicant Tracking System Software will generate a comparative study matching the job description and applicant details. Further, it will rank the applications based on the matching percentage with the job description. Recruiters will focus on the top-ranked applications instead of following up with each resume.

Keyword Searches 

Another way in which recruiters can search resumes to view them is through the keyword search option of the Applicant Tracking System. These keywords are commonly used keywords in job postings. The keywords can be based on skills, experience, location, work experience, etc. It eases the search process and saves time.

Apart from all these, the best Applicant Tracking System allows the recruiters to star-rate the candidate or make notes. It can help in hiring the same candidate for different positions in the future.

9 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Assist You in Finding the Right Talent 

An Application Tracking System offers great advantages and works ease to the recruiters and managers. Besides, it also makes the entire process seamless and time-efficient. Still wondering how it is possible, the underlying pointers describe how an ATS can assist you in finding the right skill set for your Company.

Create Branded Career Pages That Convert 

A modern and branded career page through Online Applicant Tracking System can be a perfect partner for your company to help you win over and convert the candidates. It will help you provide clear and consistent messaging that can visually communicate the uniqueness of the brand. It allows you to showcase your employee testimonials, perks, benefits, work employment, etc. And this will help gain a better conversion rate.

One-Click Job Postings That Maximize Reach 

An Applicant Tracking System Software can help you maximize the reach by posting jobs over numerous job boards. It allows you to easily post vacancies in the right places, increase visibility, reach a larger talent base, and gain candidate attraction that you have been looking for. It is a low-cost sourcing method that will allow you to target highly-qualified candidates.

Improve The Quality Of Hire Significantly 

When it comes to the best Applicant Tracking System, it can help you get highly qualified candidates before they get snatched by your competitors. The ATS allows you to screen the resumes automatically, get applicant scoring, schedule candidate interviews, and email updates automatically. It saves you a lot of time from the recruiting process and spending quality time with qualified candidates. To sum up, ATS automates the process and helps you hire top talents.

Manage All Candidates In One Place 

Getting a centralized place to handle the interview and store all the information can be a bit clumsy and tedious. Additionally, hiring numerous positions in a single go can be a difficult job. With the help of an Online Applicant Tracking System, it’s quite easy to organize the entire hiring process and access all the data in one place. It allows you to sort candidates, filter them, go through hiring stages, and manage reports in one place.

Quickly Identify The Right Talent Faster 

Organizing and managing applications manually can wear you out. Besides, it can also affect your ability to find the right talent for your company. On the contrary, an Applicant Tracking System Software uses different methods to organize the applications and rule out the candidates that don’t meet the job needs. Besides, it helps you match the right talent faster by ranking them based on the matching percentage of their qualifications and skills with the job description.

Fine-Tunes The Candidate Experience 

Hiring candidates for a job is a two-way process. As you are looking for highly-qualified talents, applicants too, are looking for the right platform to work in. And thus, candidate experience plays a crucial role while hiring the top talents. Working with the best Applicant Tracking System helps you undergo a seamless process and allows candidates to apply quickly and easily for the job.

Improves Communication And Reduces Friction 

An Online Applicant Tracking System will help improve the process by implementing a smooth communication process. By improving the communication process with the candidates at every stage of recruitment, you can enhance your employer brand and also engage the top talents. It will further help you personalize communications with the candidates creating a real-time, automated, and prompt interviewing process.

Boosts Collaboration And The Review Process 

In traditional hiring processes, one of the most difficult tasks was to tune in with the other collaborators and work efficiently. With everyone being on their busy schedule, a collaborative working process is almost impossible and this is where Applicant Tracking System Software comes into action. It helps you tune in and collaborate along with teammates where everyone can leave comments, add notes, ask questions, schedule tasks, and assess the candidates.

Using An Applicant Tracking System To Find Trends 

The best Applicant Tracking System can be of great benefit to find the trends and apply them to the recruitment process. The ATS makes the see-through process of the job description, skillset, position responsibilities, etc. effective. It automates the entire hiring process reducing the stress of the Human Resource team giving them time to recruit qualified personnel for the job. It also saves the time and effort of the hiring and recruiting team.

Bottom Line 

The implementations of Applicant Tracking Systems in the small and large sizes business have proved to be of great benefits. Besides, the use of the best Applicant Tracking System can aid extensive support to the business. It helps you tackle the right application and helps you gain the most of your time and efforts.

Every business looks for an extraordinary skill set in its employees and ATS can ease the entire process of recruiting profound talent for the business. ATS comes with outstanding cutting-edge technology that automates the process without risk of errors. Working with ATS will ensure that you gain an leveraging applicant tracking system that will allow you to dedicate your time, efforts, and energy in the right direction to find the best talent.


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