8 Benefits of using HRMS Software for HR Processes

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is the integration of Human Resource Management and Information Technology (IT). HR professionals are supposed to perform activities taking care of the complete employee life-cycle ranging right from the stage of recruiting the employee to the stage where employee retires/resigns from the organization. HRMS brings automation to the activities of HR which directly increases the productivity of HR department reducing the probability of errors in the functioning of HR department at the same time.

The main focus of organizations these days is to retain Human Capital which is the most precious resource for the organization. Land, Labor & Capital are the important factors of production but Human Resource is the most vital factor of production as well as an important resource for any organization. Retention of Human Capital is possible if they are constantly motivated and taken care by the organization. This is when HR comes into picture. HR is the one-point contact for employees in case of any grievance.

HR who has to perform numerous activities in an organization cannot engage with each and every employee personally to solve their grievances hence there is a need for automation in the process. Performance of activities would have been extremely difficult for HR professionals had they not been assisted by HRMS softwares.

Hence HRMS softwares prove to be the backbone of HR professionals. Ever imagined how HR’s would keep a track of the Leave & Attendance of each and every employee individually had there been no HRMS assistance available to do so? Ever wondered how the HR’s would manage the payroll of tens of thousands of employees had there been no automation for the same purpose? This would definitely be a nightmare for all HR professionals. They would not even want to give it a thought. Let us assume that there is no HRMS software available and the HR has to maintain the relevant documents of all employees in the organization.

There would be no place to step inside the office as files containing documents would be lying all around the office premises. Keeping track of employee’s performance would have not been possible without HRMS software. This way, HRMS softwares streamline internal HR process. Ensuring that the training & development of employees happen in a smooth way has become easy with HRMS softwares wherein HR keeps a track of the learning of employees through training & development programs designed by them. This helps the HR to know whether the employees have been exposed to training & development and the level of learning that has happened in the process.

HRMS softwares help the internal HR process in the following ways:-

  1. It manages the employee’s personal files online.
  2. It connects employees with their managers.
  3. It has provisions for online resignation submission.
  4. It helps the HR in tracking the status of grievances submitted by employees.
  5. It has provisions wherein employees can share work related documents across departments.
  6. It takes care of recruiting employees through social media and other portals which is a trend in today’s modern world of technology.
  7. Selecting candidates from a pool of applications is also made possible with the help of HRMS softwares.
  8. The entire gamut of payroll has been automated with the help of HRMS softwares which also takes care of tax deductions and tax filing.

Beehive HRMS Softwares has proven to be a boon for organizations that are looking forward to bring automation in their HR department. It’s a one- stop solution to all the HR related issues right from the stage of recruiting the employee to the stage wherein the employee retires/resigns from the organization. It takes care of the complete employee life cycle.

Beehive works round the clock with its immensely expert IT team to serve the purpose of organizations looking for automation in the HR process. The level of automation that Beehive HRMS provides is commendable and has been praised and appreciated with successful organizations availing our service.