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It\’s been very nearly half a year in India that numerous organizations, businesses, retailers, industries from new SME\’s to well established large enterprises have been experiencing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. India isn\’t the main nation that has been into the influenced nation list; however there are bounty more nations who are still suffering.

Corona virus has closed the entryway of organizations over the coming a little while and months perhaps. Despite the fact that this conclusion could be impermanent, at times, the circumstance might be overturned with no chance to resume prompting a perpetual close down. It has upset not only the financial status of leading organizations has also prompted monetary disturbance around the world. There are even impacts of Covid-19 on outsourcing companies in India as well.

Clearly, there is one biggest question that has been troubling each entrepreneur or retailer that how the business can emerge from this pandemic? In what manner would businesses be able to defeat this loss and continue making profit? In what capacity would businesses be able to make benefits and build stronger employee and customer relationships?

Here are few hacks overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and sail the ship of business successfully:

1) Define Better Employee Relationships:

Every experienced leader knows and understands those employees are the biggest assets of any organization. It is said by many but implied by few.  Transparent Communication is the key to imply and share the empathy with employees. When leaders communicate clearly and transparently, it helps employees to adjust in constantly changing crisis. There will be situations when you will have to take urgent decisions in terms of work processes, your people will trust your vision if you will communicate effectively.

2) Implement Professional HRMS (Human Resource Management System):

To help organizations fine tune the work process, there are enormous cloud based HR systems available. Choose professional HR software for your organization which will streamline all your HR activities. Since HR is the centralised department, automation is important. Your employees will be very much comfortable using an automated system and getting updates automatically. You will receive reports and analytics like never before! A good HR software will carry following key features within the platform:

  1. Employee MIS (Management Information System)
  2. Task and Time-sheet Management
  3. Performance Management System (PMS)
  4. Mobile Application
  5. Attendance Management
  6. Automated reports
  7. Good Security
  8. Data Back up

3) Monitor the Productivity Closely:

When you implement technology (HRMS) half of your headache is managed by the system. But half part of the responsibility still lies in your hands. With the help of good HR software you will be able to get reports which will help you to make strategic decisions. You can pull out customized reports as per your requirements. You can come to know your highest revenue adding customers, your key team members who are actually working, your star performers, your liabilities, your highest selling products/services etc. You can monitor the productivity of company closely.

4) Identify your Opportunities:

Ask yourself; what products or service will your client need during this crisis. No matter what industry sector your client belongs to, there’s an opportunity for your business to respond. Brainstorm with your key team and come up with good campaign to promote your business online. A good digital marketing strategy will surely add value to your business promotions. Talk to your clients and assure them with long-term relationship.

5) Adapt to ‘New Normal’:

The ‘New Normal’ does not only define remote working. It has many hidden changes which an entrepreneur should understand. New Strategies, New Clients, New Challenges, New Changes everything will be redefined. You need to be creative to get your products and services delivered.

The Conclusion: Keeping a matured approach towards this Covid-19 pandemic we can say that it’s a wakeup call for all the businesses to be always ready for any type of pandemic. Being technically strong is one of the most important factors amongst all. It’s essential for any business to dace such bumps and know how and where your business can stand. Staying positive, working with a good team towards single goal and maintaining long-term relationships with clients will surely work.



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