5 Clues You Must Upgrade to HR Payroll Software

In the past recent years, developments have taken place in payroll technology and have accelerated how businesses function. You may think that you are doing completely fine with your current payroll system, but you will not know the wonders of HR payroll software until and unless you actually implement it yourself. Is your business doing well with the current system or do you need an upgrade to something better? Read to know more:

You are drowning in paperwork: If your payroll system is not integrated then you might have to rely on other external methods of input to be able to perform certain actions- which means you are just making simple process complex for no good reason. Whether they are time logs that have to be imported from another system or physical leave forms that employees need to fill, an outdated payroll system will make your task 100 times worse. On the other hand, in modern payroll software all tasks are accessible on one platform and are well-connected, which means the data can flow between the systems making your job more convenient.

Constantly inundated with administrative inquiries and errors: Don’t you agree that tasks that require manual updates from time to time are extremely time-consuming and could surely stress the person working on it? Having an integrated payroll system, on the other hand, makes it easier to update.

High Hidden Costs: Many organizations are hesitant to switch to payroll software and continue to stick with their existing system. This is not because it exceeds their expectations but because they think payroll software come with high cost. But have you weighed the hidden costs of your present system? We are sure you haven’t. Inefficiencies in the system are the first and foremost source of additional costs that are related to your out-dated payroll system. Payroll automation at work could help you reduce payroll process costs by as much as 80%

Poor Customer Service: Today, customer service is as important as product functionality. If you are currently facing customer service issues with your present payroll system, then you are not alone. But not everyone upgrades to a software. What are the perks of shifting to an HR payroll software? Your payroll team will be well-trained so that you can make the most of it which can reduce the frustration and the disengagement that usually rises due to terrible customer service.

Inaccurate or Late Paychecks: According to a study, about 78% of workers are living paycheck to paycheck. You have to acknowledge the impact an employee’s paycheck can have on their day-to-day life which means your payroll system cannot afford to make any mistakes while processing and delivering employee paychecks. You need to put your employees first and a payroll software does exactly that. Employees expect to be paid accurately and on time and flexible online payroll software can meet this very expectation.

Is it time that you upgrade to a Payroll Software? While making the decision to switch to payroll software might be a difficult one, once you implement it, your work is going to get extremely easy. It is high time that you discard your old, obsolete technology of payroll and make a smarter switch that will save loads of time, improve efficiency, boost your profits and facilitate better decision making at work. Then, you should definitely consider Beehive’s HR Payroll Software that will simplify each and every process in your workspace and make work less work and more fun!