5 Benefits of Attendance Management System

The dynamics of handling your workforce has been ever evolving, better planning and organization is a requisite for faster growth. A lot of factors go into managing the workforce right from the multi-cultural workforce, multi-located workforce, nature of work, travel, work from home options, shifts, flexible time, overtime, paid time off policies, etc., managing time, cost and productivity. This can be very overwhelming for employers.

In order to make the entire process of attendance management systematic and more organized automation is the best way to go. Following are the top 5 of the benefits, why most organizations are willingly switching from manual human capital management to automated human resource management system:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: Unlike machines, humans are prone to errors. Attendance management systems automatically fetch the time records of each individual employee and ensure accuracy in the maintenance of the records. Avoiding the risks of inevitable and costly errors that are possible with manual data entry. Accurate attendance records are very important for an organization because it directly impacts the payroll data.
  2. Higher Productivity: With an Attendance management system in place the employer has to no more worry about monitoring and managing the data which can be tedious, time-consuming and an expensive affair. Helping put an end to inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse, and overpayment. This helps the organization save up a considerable amount of resources and time. This time can be utilized by the administration in business development and planning. The time and effort saved combined with data accuracy helps in optimizing the use of resources which lead to increased productivity and improves profits.
  3. Eliminate Paperwork: The self-service functionality helps in reducing the usage of paper, no more wastage of time and energy in fling and managing paperwork, increasing employee happiness quotient as the employee will be content with the faster processing of HR formalities. Self Service helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster processing of various HR formalities. It helps reduce the direct dependency of employees on the HR department, as most of the data is available on their dashboard.
  4. Hassle Free Workflow Management: An integrated attendance management system can provide good visibility of all data and can ease the workflow of payrolls, leaves and performance reviews. Notifications/alerts are automated and the manager can approve requests for early departure, overtime, etc., immediately without any specific need for communication. Forget the herculean task of manual scheduling. With just a few clicks, an automated attendance management system can help manage schedules, allocate work, and easily keep track of shift swaps. It can also help you to forecast workloads, resources, and budgets.
  5. MIS & Analytics: The dashboards provide all the information about the employee’s day-to-day attendance and reports for various groups can be fetched by the system with absolute ease. You can fetch accurate reports from the system with just a few clicks. A monthly, quarterly, yearly attendance summary for absences, hours of productivity, or just a summary of data groups in the organization. Managers can access graphical reports for improved understanding of the contemporary working status of the workforce and plan future goals accordingly. This also helps the employer make more informed decisions, based on actual reports and statistics rather than mere gut feeling. An automated attendance system can be of assistance to the manager in strategically analyzing and improvising policies on leave, hours, workplace culture, performance, pay, etc., thereby enabling them to mature in the way they operate.

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