Four Must Have Key Features On HR System

HR software have completely revolutionized how the human resources department in every organization works. The introduction of technology in today’s business world has helped improve efficiency, increase productivity, gain greater access to data and reduce errors too. However, choosing human resource software could be a tricky decision as there are so many aspects to take into consideration and just as many different products in the market to choose from. Narrowing down on one that is best suited for your organization and its needs is quite a daunting task.

Here are five features that any human resource software must have:


The database is the basic backbone on which the entire system is based on. Good HRMS software includes a database of all your employees and all the relevant data that would traditionally be included in an employee file. With a software system in place, this data can be revised, edited or added to at any particular time. Employee data can be easily managed by the department.

Payroll and attendance management systems

Human resource software without payroll and attendance management features is  of absolutely no use. Absenteeism is one of the major productivity killers and it has always been the task of the HR personnel to monitor leaves availed by employees and take action such as salary deductions in case of excessive absenteeism. Other features such as holiday requests, appraisals and payroll management are also crucial modules in any HRMS software.

Self service

The very purpose of implementing a HRMS software is to empower employees to ‘self service’ most of their requests. Simple information such as leave balance, salary slips and performance data should be available to individual employees via a secure login. Modern HR systems effectively automate these processes and ensure that each employee gets the information they need and that the human resources department is well equipped to perform more efficiently and the overall productivity of the organization increases.

Powerful reporting

Without reporting features, the HR personnel will not have enough data to base their strategies on. Attendance, performance, salaries, leaves and a lot of employee information must be easily accessible in the form of reports. This enables them to base their future plans for the organization based on the data that is currently available. Mainly, al the manual effort that was traditionally put into reporting and excel sheets is now moved to a fully automated software that can provide you any information – at anytime.

Modern HR systems are user friendly, cost effective, empowering and highly affordable too. Automating the highly labourous processes and providing strategic data for management to use makes these systems popular and more and more businesses are moving from traditional methods to more efficient HR software.

However, all systems are not the same, and it’s always a good idea to check out the features and select the one that is a perfect match to your business requirements and the one that provides highest value to your business.