4 Essential Leave Management System Features

These days, for all companies out there it is extremely essential to have a proper leave management system. After all, there are so many advantages to these systems when you come to think of it. Firstly, it makes sure that you do not lose any leave related data. Such a system provides you better accessibility through multiple approval access. You get real-time information from such a system as well. It helps you manage the vacations being availed in your organization. These systems also make it a lot easier for you to carry out important business processes such as audits.

All in one dashboard

As far as features of a leave management system are concerned the first factor that you need is an all in one dashboard. When you have such a facility in that particular system it becomes a lot easier for the employees to find out their own leave balance. At the same time, they would also be able to check the number of days off of their colleagues. This facility will help the HR (human resource) staff as well as people working in supervisory positions as well. They would have access to a wide range of data such as leave balance, department schedule, holiday lists, and workforce coverage, to name a few.

This would help the management evaluate the leave applications in a much better way.

Configurable fields

These days, you would want fields of data and information such as leave type, holiday lists, and leave policies in the leave management system. They need to be customizable as well. This is important because no two organizations have the same leave related policies and processes. The leave management system needs to be really strict. The mantra that one size fits all may not always be in tune with your needs. You always need to look for a product that would let you customize these fields as per the policies of your organization.

Cloud-based system

If your leave management system is cloud-based it would help you access the database on the go and from any channel that you please as long as you have an internet connection. At the same time, it would also do away with hassles such as installing software and updating the same time and again. This way your employees too would be able to apply for leaves at any time they want to. Similarly, you too would be able to apply and reject them at the earliest without having to waste any time in this regard.

Auto updated leave balance

If your leave management system does not have such a facility it would not make any sense to buy it. It is as simple as that. Without such a feature your HR officers would have to spend a lot of time, by manually updating and computing the leave balance of the employees. Your attendance management system must be good enough to track your employees’ leave history. It should also be able to show the same to the managers and the employees.


Apart from these, you can also look at a few other important features such as customizable approval workflow, at-a-glance reporting, and seamless integration.