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March 18, 2020
March 26, 2020

Warning!! Have you taken right precautions to prevent your employees from COVID-19 infection?

We all know COVID -19 spreading very aggressively, and precaution is the best way to stay away / safe and most importantly everyone should take preventive measures while they are commuting to their work / home or anywhere else in this emergency.


Being employee first organization, you must have taken appropriate action to make sure your employees stays safe without effecting / compromising the business commitments.

Many companies have decided to allow their employees to work from home and have provided the flexibility to work from the home location, companies also have to make sure the business continuity in this emergency situation and seeking for a mechanism to keep a track on employee productivity and monitor if the provision / flexibility is not getting utilized for any other purpose apart from work.

Beehive offers variety of tools and options to monitor your employee’s productivity while they are away from the office location.

Prevent your Employees from COVID-19

  • Task Management:

Managers can make sure the productivity is not getting hampered due to this emergency and they can plan for the task for their team members and review the status of each task. This will enable them to make sure

  • Work from Home workflow:

Considering the working situation and applicability employees can use this facility by going through the approval channel and can share their activity details with team managers

  • Mobile attendance:

Considering the nature of COVID-19 it may spread due to direct / indirect contact, biometric attendance may result in a riskier solution as every employee have to register their daily attendance with their hands. Instead of this Mobile attendance will be the safest utility for employees to mark their attendance.

  • Geo Location Tagging / fencing:

Mobile attendance can even capture the employees punch location this will further ensure that the employees is marking the attendance within the permissible areas and they are reporting to their respective work locations.

Many of our valued customer have already implemented the solution based upon their nature of business and requirement, it’s your turn now, let us know how best we can assist you.

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