Get the Attendance process automated with Beehive

A time and attendance software is integral to the workplace. If a company can even hope to manage their employee payrolls and benefits correctly, a proper system is necessary. It allows employers to manage their workforce far more effectively. The time and attendance management software in HRMS collects the time data of all employees, including when they come in and out of work as well as when they take breaks. This is done usually by connecting the system with third-party time logging systems such as fingerprint or card readers when employees enter work.

The benefit of time and attendance management software to the HR department is that it allows them an easy to use, accurate platform from which to properly collect information about employee hours and off days. This in turn allows for the proper logging of things like employee payroll. The advantage of software over human logging is that it eliminates the risk of human error. This is a common problem in most manual logging systems and can be a major issue for larger companies because of the high rates of employee claims and other factors.

Some of the main features in a time and Attendance management Software for HRMS include:

  • Integration with most types of attendance readers including biometric scanners
  • Calendar view for easy visualization of employee attendance
  • Shift management platform with flexible, customizable scheduling
  • Employee hours management for shift based work and per hour payment
  • Management Software for overtime and other extra actions by the employee
  • Application facilities for holidays and short leave for employees

Flexible, scalable and most accurate Attendance Management Software

Why Choose Attendance Management Software

The time and Attendance management software offered in the Beehive HRMS includes multiple shift management. This allows for management of shifts among various groups of workers. This system helps the HR department determine the work hours and overtime that employees log in. Our HRMS can be set to work with biometric devices, with fast and streamlined information updating. Backups can be made in formats like XLS or CSV files.

  • Beehive proprietary time-in and time-out facility for recording times
  • Beehive proprietary import feature for remote hours logging
  • Outdoor application feature for employees
  • Tardiness, earliness and absentee details are accessible with one click
Time & Attendance Management Software
Time & Attendance Management Software