Manage Employee Leaves Centrally

Leave Management Software is a system which allows employees to apply for leave online. This eliminates the need to go up to a manager whenever they need leave and go through the entire process manually. Though this may not seem like a big deal to smaller businesses, large corporations definitely need this kind of service. It can be insanely hard to keep track of the many employees who request leave manually after all. In addition to this, the distribution of tasks has to be reshuffled and the payroll for each of the employees updated based on the type of leave they are asking for. The duration of the leave period also needs to be recorded and updated within the company database.

In HRMS, the Leave Management Software process is fully automated. Employees can log a request for leave on the network so that it is automatically forwarded to the HR department and all relevant superiors. The system also allows employees to make use of the ESS platform in order to keep track of their leave balance. The employer can also do this, as well as track the leave information of all the employees within the organization using a central system. This automation of the leave process also eliminates the incidence of absent employees with no explanation as to why or where they have gone.

The typical features of a Leave Management Software include:

  • Information on leave balance for any type of leave
  • Online leave applications with easy access
  • HoD and HR department are granted online approval rights
  • All levels of employees can view their leave balance
  • Leave cancellation request feature as well as extension
  • Customizable leave categories

Hassle free & accurate Leave Management Software

Why Choose Us

The leave management software in the Beehive HRMS allows all employees as well as the HR department to access the information on leave details, including the leave balance, history and earnings. It also allows employers to create and update leave policies, setting down new rules and criteria for eligibility for different types of leave and different approval systems for each. Seniors in the organization can view their juniors’ leave dates and plan their leave around this.

  • Easy access for HR department and employees
  • Customization leave policies
  • Ability to change criteria for eligibility
  • Hierarchy view leave calendar
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