Let the Employees talk about their Issues

Everyone knows that for a business to run smoothly, employees need to be kept happy. Whether they say that they are angry about something or not, a manager needs to be able to detect possible tension when it comes to their employees. The gGrievance Management Softwate is a way to defuse possible situations that could arise if the manager isn’t able to address all the concerns of the workers under them. This is important in large offices where there are bound to be a lot of unvoiced complaints. HRMS aims to get rid of the stigma of speaking up by introducing systems that are dedicated to addressing the grievances of all employees, no matter how trivial.

The problem with a lot of companies with a human element is the inability to prioritize. Because of this, issues that could be of grave importance are sometimes delayed for ages, until it becomes too annoying to ignore. This can result in some very disgruntled employees. This can be easily fixed using a Grievance Management Softwate HRMS module because of the many features that it offers, all of which can be used to keep employees smiling knowing that they are being looked after.

Some of the most impressive features of the typical Grievance Management Softwate in HRMS include, but are not limited to:

  • Tracking the status of employees who have submitted grievances, along with dates and outcomes
  • Mapping out steps in the grievance submission process for employees to track their status
  • Customizable categories for different complaints
  • Ability to add personalized notes and comments to each case
  • Ability to generate forms, attach contacts and supporting evidence etc.

Treat you employees as you treat your Customer

Why Choose Us

The principle behind the module offered in the Beehive Software HRMS is that no complaint is less important than the others. If one is about payroll and the other is about the IT department support, they are both treated with the same importance.

  • Equal treatment for all employees
  • Fast, efficient organization of grievances
  • Status tracker and updates for employees
  • Easy submission of new grievances
Grievance Management Softwate | HRMS
Grievance Management Softwate | HRMS