Quick way to organize Business Expense

Managing your company’s expenses is something that is crucial to the company. This doesn’t just mean the expenses that the COMPANY makes, but rather the expenses of employees that they claim from the company later. This includes the management of all costs that are incurred when an employee makes business purchases. These include things like the purchase of new stocks from the company stores and so on. Business travel is also an integral part of expense management. Employees who are sent to represent the company to meeting across the country or internationally will need company money to pay for the travel costs and allowance while there. All of these need some sort of automated system to manage costs more effectively.
This is what the Expense Management Software in HRMS does. It fully automates the process of claiming expenses from the company as well as managing expenses that your company makes. For example, when a new employee is hired there is no need to work hard to set up a new expense line for that employee. Instead, the information simply has to be changed in the HRMS and it will update the necessary modules automatically. This includes granting access to the new employee. If an employee is terminated, this is also updated and their access revoked. It is fully integrated with the rest of the corporate network. Some of the main features of an Expense Management Software are:

  • Fast submission of expense claims
  • Online expense claim forms
  • Quick approval of claims if necessary
  • Simple management without waste of paper
  • Full control for the employer

Simplified Expense Management Software Submit your expense claims on the GO!

Why Choose Expense Management Software

The Expense Management Software of Beehive HRMS is one of the most powerful in the market right now. There are many risks with this kind of system, and its failure would mean a lot of bad hype for the company. The Beehive platform is one of the most stable and secure. It is fully integrated with all other parts of the company systems and is one that needs to be obtained immediately.

  • Secure claim submission
  • Categories for expenses
  • Easy access to employer and HR department
Expense Management Software SC2
Expense Management Software SC3