Adding Ease to Employee Management

Human Resource Management Software has a new, and very popular section to it known as Employee Self-Service Software. This is basically a module that gives employees a greater level of control over their tasks and work profile, as well as information in the company. It allows workers to manage their own schedules and activities to optimize their own performance. This reduces the amount of work that the HR department of the company would have to do.

The application of Employee Self-Service Software is usually on the browser of the PCs in the office, and each employee can access the system through their own account with a unique login ID and password, just like for the network. From here they will be able to log inquiries, access the company-wide schedules, make specific requests, and even check their payroll details. Employee Self-Service Software makes the jobs of many of the other departments of a company far easier, as well as keeping the employees happy. After all, everyone likes the feeling of being in control of their work life, and this is no different. Some of the other features that an Employee Self-Service Software system usually includes are:

  • Management of employee’s personal files online
  • Access to the leave and attendance calendar and schedules
  • Connectivity from managers to their employees
  • Online routing system for leave requests, claims and workflow
  • Online helpdesk and management for grievances
  • Access to company forms and policies
  • Online social interactions such as birthdays and polls
  • Online resignation submission feature
  • Information directory for easy access to other employees’ contact details

Employee self service Easeful employee management

Why Choose Us

Beehive Software’s HRMS system features one of the most comprehensive and powerful Employee Self-Service Software anywhere. The Employee Self-Service Software of the HRMS allows for a huge range of control options for the employees of the client, with a high rating throughout. There aren’t any employees who can say they weren’t satisfied with the level of control that the Employee Self-Service Software of our HRMS offers.

  • Comprehensive payroll management and assessment
  • High level of previous client satisfaction
  • More streamlined processing and updating of the company schedule
  • Easier for employees to report grievances; improving manager-employee communication
Employee Self-Service Software | HRMS Software
Employee Self-Service Software | HRMS Software