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Document share is a function in which HRMS has revolutionized the way work is carried out around an office. This includes the storage of nearly all the data in the company. While in the past everything was stored in big filing cabinets all over the place, the introduction of dedicated HRMS has all but eliminated the need for hard copies in the present day. Nearly everything is stored on the cloud so that people with the right access level can have a look at the documents whenever they want. This doesn’t just mean that the tasks in the office can be organized and inspected on the go whenever it is necessary. It also means that things like employee records and relevant files can be stored on the cloud.

A great feature that every Documents Management Software in an HRMS has is the company library, a dedicated space for the sharing of company documents between departments and even branches in different locations, all in the speed of a few clicks. Documents Management Software offer document tracking services in order to see who has had access to certain documents within a time frame, as well as what they did with it. In addition to these, the exciting features of a document share module in HRMS include:

  • Company library for sharing across departments
  • Featured document tracker to see who has had access
  • Notification system to employees who need to submit documents
  • Privacy settings to enable access to select groups or individuals
  • Employee ID documents and payroll information storage

No more physical file browsing Intelligent documents library

Why Choose Us

The HRMS offered by Beehive Software has a very unique Documents Management Software. It is one of the most interconnected on the market right now. Just like the introduction of HRMS revolutionized how HR departments worked, the document sharing on Beehive’s HRMS hopes to change the world of online file sharing and storage for a long time in the future. With dedicated and secure libraries and tracking systems, this is the company to go to for a document share solution that will blow your mind.

  • Highly secure company library
  • Fast document sharing across countries if necessary
  • Built-in notes and comments platforms
Document Share | HRMS Software
Document Share | HRMS Software