Automated Claims Reimbursement Software

HR departments in most companies allow their employees to make certain claims for the leave that they have taken. This service also usually extends to certain benefits that the company offers to its workers. Of course, this differs from one company to another. However, the process remains the same. This applies mainly to medical expenses as well as allowances for traveling, although there is a wide range of other applications for this service as well. There is a certain allowable limit for which the employee can be reimbursed upon making a claim. The HR department usually has to handle quite a number of these claims at any given time for a variety of reasons, and it can get pretty confusing.

However, the Claims Reimbursement Software feature in the new HRMS systems is here to save the day. This module introduces an innovative solution to the problems most employees and employers have when it comes to processing these claims. For one, the delays in the process when done by humans means that the reimbursement of funds won’t go through for at least a month. This can lead to some pretty unhappy employees, and no one wants that to happen. Some of the features that are offered by the Claims Reimbursement Software in HRMS’ include:

  • Claim submission form generator for employees
  • Category selection for easy sorting of claims
  • Payroll integration for quick addition of reimbursement
  • List of documentation for employees to check if they are eligible for claim
  • Status tracker for the claim processing

Fastest claims processing via Claims Reimbursement Software

Why Choose Claims Reimbursement Software

Beehive Software has an HRMS with a dedicated Claims Reimbursement Software feature that is one of the most highly rated out there. In addition to offering the wonderful features that the traditional system does not, there are some added features for the clients as well. These are bound to make the customers and their employees happy. The Beehive Software HRMS works in conjunction with the ESS (Employee Self Service) system to allow employees to access their own claim history and track them anywhere.

  • Self-service platform for employees to track current claims and history
  • Claim creation form for easy submission of claims
  • Type selector for reimbursement options
Claims Reimbursement Software | HRMS
Claims Reimbursement Software | HRMS