About Us

Beehive Software Services is a company that helps companies focus on their most important asset: the employees by delivering the most advanced HR software solutions, built to manage the entire employee life cycle within an organization. Beehive is fully committed to delivering an excellent level of service while providing highly flexible, people-oriented solutions that vastly improve HCM strategy execution, in turn driving all of the critical HR processes for a company.
The HCM systems offered by Beehive are custom-made and designed to support international, multi-lingual deployment. A wide range of solutions are offered in the system, including modules that manage leave and attendance, payroll, rewards and recognition, learning and development, recruitment and even social HR.
Vission & Mission

Beehive with its clear focus and vision will distinguish itself as a global leader in providing quality and innovative solutions in the space of human capital management.

Core Values

The core values here at Beehive Software Services are:

  • Motivating employees to challenge themselves, find their limits and test their boundaries.
  • Empowering employees to find their voice and speak out when necessary.
  • Making employees more comfortable about debating and having different opinions
  • “Just do it” mindset encouraged for employees to accomplish more on their own
  • Providing freedom at work as long as results are achieved
  • Highly professional workforce that is motivated and challenged constantly
  • High-level management is very open to feedback from all workers
  • Work is done in teams of employees for high efficiency
  • Good teamwork is encouraged and rewarded well
  • Teamwork is considered critical to Beehive
  • Promoting awareness among employees that a chain is as strong as its weakest link, to advance the quality of teamwork
  • Beehive values individual skills and ambition
  • Promoting the idea that respect is listening, challenging, and confronting peers
  • Encouraging employees to show each other that they have value and will be treated as such
  • Self-building encouraged
  • Employees take pride in the work that is done and results that are achieved
  • No matter how small, work needs to be taken pride in for the best quality
  • Building long-term relationships with our customers, investors, suppliers etc.
  • Interdependent relationships
  • Seeking global initiatives with appropriate rewards for loyalty
  • Overcoming problems to achieve results
  • No commitment issues; a company of our word
  • Constantly result-focused
  • Objective in the long term is to increase value of work exponentially
  • Understanding customer requirements for better service
  • Build a friendship with the customer and work with them
  • Beehive focuses on the customer, and being a part of their team
The Team

Beehive has a team of expert consultants and developers. They have years of experience in the design, construction and management of complex HCM systems and business sites that are a combination of old and modern system software. Our professional workforce is composed of teams of specialists in management, IT and other field, all of whom are encouraged to innovate, create and re-invent, presenting their opinions on anything without fear. Playing to each member’s strengths is how Beehive has always stayed ahead of the curve. Research and development is given a very high priority. Teams are selected personally with a unique combination of skills in mind to tackle any and all projects that come their way with utter ease.